Monday, March 23, 2009

What can I get you to drink?

So let's not lie - your options are limited when it comes to the bar scene. There isn't a whole that replaces an ice-cold beer. But there is the ice-cold gluten-free beer! Here is a list of alcohol that is gluten-free friendly:

Potato based vodkas (Chopin)
Wine (Thank GOD)
For a more comprehensive list, check out

Most SF bars have either bottled cider or cider on tap. I wanted to highlight a few bars in San Francisco that get the whole Celiac's issue and can either make specialty drinks on request, or have awesome ciders and gluten-free beer.

Alembic On Upper Haight

For a unique gluten-free cocktail, go here. The bartenders are Celiac savvy and they get creative with the tequila.

I went there a few weeks ago and asked the bartender to make a gluten-free tequila based cocktail that was not on the menu. She asked me "sour or sweet" and made me a fantastic tequila sour drink. I went on a weeknight, so it was quiet and I got a lot of attention from the bartender. I definitely can't guarantee you will receive the same attention over the weekend.

Tornado in Lower Haight

Torando has arguably one of the best beer selections in San Francisco. So why should I dare list this as a good gluten-free watering hole? The cider! They carry this Pomegranate Cider on tap that will blow your mind. Just make sure you order quickly and confidently, otherwise expect jeers and a shout of frustration from the bartender.

La Trappe in Northbeach

Again I list another phenomenal Belgian Beer spot. What am I thinking? A close second to Tornado in terms of beer selection, this newer restaurant and bar also offers a wonderful gluten-free beer, Greens.

Fly Bar and Restaurant in Nopa

Awesome soju an sake cocktails! Pear cider on tap, as well.


Ramin said...

Good advice on bars, Shireen. Love the blog idea.

Farhad said...

How about NOT drinking at all and see how your budy reacts or does not.